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FlightInformation.co.uk provides a comprehensive list of direct links to the arrivals and departures information pages of all UK airports. We hope you find this UK flight information site to be a useful resource as it includes almost every commercial airport in the UK. We have included approx passenger numbers as at 2015 and have listed the airports in passenger number order, starting with Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester and Stansted airports. If you wish to be directed straight to the airports’ flight arrivals and departures, then click on the relevant link.

Arrivals and departures

AirportApprox passenger numbers*ArrivalsDepartures

*Annual figures in 2015

Heathrow Airport75mVisit »Visit »
Gatwick Airport40mVisit »Visit »
Manchester Airport23mVisit»Visit »
London Stansted Airport22.5mVisit »Visit »
London Luton Airport12mVisit »Visit »
Edinburgh Airport11mVisit »
Visit »
Birmingham Airport10mVisit »Visit »
Glasgow Airport8.7mVisit »Visit »
Bristol Airport6.8mVisit »Visit »
Newcastle Airport4.5mVisit »Visit »
East Midlands Airport4.5mVisit »Visit »
Belfast International Airport4.4mVisit »Visit »
London City Airport4.3mVisit »Visit »
Liverpool Airport4.3mVisit »Visit »
Aberdeen Airport3.5mVisit »Visit »
Leeds Bradford Airport3.5mVisit »Visit »
Belfast City Airport2.7mVisit »Visit »
Southampton Airport1.8mVisit »Visit »
Jersey Airport1.5mVisit »Visit »
Cardiff Airport1.2mVisit »Visit »
London Southend Airport900kVisit »Visit »
Guernsey Airport891kVisit »Visit »
Doncaster Sheffield Airport857kVisit »Visit »
Exeter Airport821kVisit »Visit »
Isle of Man Airport781kVisit »Visit »
Bournemouth Airport706kVisit »Visit »
Inverness Airport669kVisit »Visit »
Glasgow Prestwick Airport610kVisit »Visit »
Norwich Airport459kVisit »Visit »
City of Derry Airport284kVisit »Visit »

Details last checked on 12 November 2016. Links may be altered by the airlines at anytime so we cannot guarantee accuracy.